PBM Pharmaceuticals, a rapidly growing specialty pharmaceutical company located in Charlottesville, VA, has rebranded the company to Revive Pharmaceuticals. The new name reflects the company’s fundamental goals of revitalizing popular pharmaceutical products placed into lifecycle management by larger pharmaceutical companies.  Revive Pharmaceuticals will continue the groundwork laid by PBM Pharmaceutical and specialize in selling, distributing, marketing and manufacturing of these Rx products that help improve patients’ health and quality of life.

“As the business continues to experience unprecedented growth and broadening of our product footprint, it makes sense for us to rebrand,” said Kevin Combs, EVP of Revive Pharmaceuticals. “We chose a brand name that will resonate with our healthcare partners while allowing us to better communicate who we are today and what we stand for.”

Revive Pharmaceuticals will resume acquisition of existing branded products and promote them using an integrated sales, marketing and distribution platform consisting of 80 field sales representatives, 30 telesales representatives and a mailing/web based sampling program. These platforms combine to target all prescribing US Gastroenterologists (approx. 16k), top prescribing IM, GP, FP’s (approx. 20k) and a mixture of 70k generalists and specialists identified as having some potential for GI prescribing.

During 2013, the company’s growth was attributed to its signature IBS product Donnatal® becoming a sole source drug in the U.S., the reintroduction of the antiemetic drug brand Compazine® and the reformulation of prescription grade Omega 3 product Animi-3®. The company is actively seeking to extend its product line and find opportunities to leverage its existing platform capabilities.